Why With Apex Himalaya

Apex Himalaya Treks and Expedition is a local trekking company situated at one of the tourist traps of Nepal i.e., Thamel of Kathmandu running treks, mountaineering, tours and other various adventure packages. Among various numerous agencies operating in Nepal we are here to suggest you to choose the right agency because your decision have a great role to give a proper shape. Trying to show our guests new places is not only our ultimate goal, but rather we try to acknowledge our guests with the local cultures, their trend of living, and if possible we try to involve them with the local feasts and festivals.   The experiences till today have enabled us to realize that understanding and accepting different cultures only allow us to leave in peace and harmony. Here are some of the reasons listed below why Apex Himalaya Treks and Expedition is different than our counterparts.

 Reasonable price

  • Neither have we wanted to fail giving you the lower fare nor we want to be the expensive one.
  • Yes, we want to be competitive but we cannot leave the quality behind. 
  • Travel with us with the lower fare, we will give you the best service and care.

Social Responsibility

  • Some of our profit share goes in welfare of mountain people i.e. donation for school, supporting NGO for Girls empowerment and promoting off route village like ‘GRE village in Langtang Village).
  • We focus the youngsters for their new ideas in tourism field, providing them the opportunity in the related field.
  • Sufficient financial support will be provided to sick porter and helper to cover the cost of their return and treatment.

Responsible Tourism

  • We provide economic and social benefits by buying most of our trekking food supplies locally, promote eating local cuisine and less use of plastic.
  • We emphasise  to stay at locally run guesthouses and campsites only.
  • We try to minimize the use of campfires by giving proper advise to our clients and by providing adequate clothing and gear to our porters and guides.

Friendly, experienced staffs (safety and comfort)

  • If you are thinking it’s difficult to travel to unknown place we say you to forget it and believe us because we give you the confirmation about our friendly staffs  having required knowledge with morals.
  • Besides, we have experienced guides with fluency in some of the worldwide most spoken languages and we provide you with the strong local highland porters.
  • No need to worry for any unexpected difficulties while on the trekking trails and the mountains. They will take good care of you on the way.
  • All our itineraries are customisable and flexible with client necessity during trip also.