Kathmandu, capital city of Nepal, surrounded by Himalayan mountains and green hills. Maze-like alleys, old heritages, frenetic during festival with lots of colour and warm welcome behaviour of Nepalese people makes Kathmandu full of joy and best entertaining place. There are many thing you can do while you are in Kathmandu without getting bored. Some of the best things we have listed below. If you have experienced any of them or something we have missed to mentioned then feel free to give us comments.


When you get to meet local people, eat traditional (delicious) food like Dal Bhat, Yomari, Samay Baji, Sel Roti, Chatamari, Dhido, Momo, Puwa, Thukpa (long noodles), Sel Roti, Ghundruk etc and explore the little hidden spots. Going through narrow staircases finding hidden restaurants with new exciting flavors that you never knew existed will make you see Kathmandu with different eyes. Even more so, when you get to hear about the history of the places and the meanings behind the symbols. You can only find these place if a local takes you there. Far from all the usual westernise fare you get in Thamel, the tourist district, here you get the real deal, what locals eat, what they queue for, what they jostle for, and like many of our guests.

Recommended restaurant/local place for authentic Nepali taste food
1. Muktinath Thakali Kitchen: Dal Bhat Special
2. Gokarna House Restaurant : Local food with live cultural dance show
3. Tibetan Norling Restaurant : Mo:Mo, Thukpa, Thendhuk with spices
4. Thamel Mo:Mo Hut : For various types of Mo:Mo
5. Tip Top: Samosa (vegetable wrap with flour)
6. Janakpur Lassi , Indrachowk: Lassi
7. Western Tandori , Naan Roti
* Some of the places listed does not have website but food you get there will be one of the best local food around.


A lot of things to do in Kathmandu will perish compared to these hands-on workshops. In them, you get to create an authentic souvenir to take home.These workshops are about empowerment and connectedness. Getting to learn a skill from a local master. Seeing them in their element. The flow and ease they emanate while working on their craft, seems magical. For thangka class click here


Khukuri  is an inwardly curved knife and one of the best examples of Nepalese craftsmanship. It is the weapon of choice and the icon of the Gurkha Armies. Most of the visitors in Nepal buy Khukuris as souvenir to take back home but imagine taking a self-made knife. The Khukuri comes in various sizes but for this workshop you will be making a mini-version of this iconic blade. The basic process involves cutting/hammering a raw piece of iron into the proper shape, grinding the blade and making the wooden handle.If you want to see making Khukuri click here


Mo:mo is a type of South Asian dumpling, popular across the Indian subcontinent and the Himalayan regions of broader South Asia. Mo:mo are native to Tibet, Bhutan, Nepal and parts of India. The smiles of the local hosts are always friendly and patient. With these things to do in Kathmandu being no exception. In Kathmandu, mo:mo are a popular comfort and street food, such that it’s developed a creative variety. There is no better way to learn cooking mo:mo once you are in Nepal. Want to join mo:mo cooking class click here
Short video of fun time with locals: Farewell dinner with Locals


Wood carving is a traditional Nepali art of carving finished sculptures of wooden objects using a knife and chisel. You can watch and take part in the carving of the items of your choice if you are interested to learn. Since the early Licchavi period (300-789 AD), the carvings are present everywhere in the Nepal architecture. Woodcarving is specially a Newari art and Bhaktapur is one of the most famous places for woodcarving. At the start of the workshop you will be given an introduction into woodcarving and the different techniques and instruments used. More information click here


Prayer wheels are central to Tibetan Buddhism. These prayer wheels have prayers/chants written on them that devotees believe is chanted with every rotation. You can get opportunity to learn from a professional prayer wheel craftsman and perfect personalized gift for yourself, for friends or family back home.More information click here


Thenduk is the dish of choice for the famed Tibetan community. The power-packed Thenduk is among the various foods that get this mountain faring people up the world’s highest peak, Mt. Everest .his isn’t to say that every Nepali who eats the Thenduk Scales Mountains, for many locals in Kathmandu this is comfort food during the winter months and best Thenduk is found in the homes of Kathmandu.
If you want to try to make Thenduk then click here


Kathmandu Valley is also known as the City of Temples, which have some of the most fascinating temples ranging from temples that house the Living Goddess to stupas that are over too old. The legend and beauty of these ancient monuments have captivated travellers since time immemorial, and the craftsmen who have adorned these structures with exquisite sculptures have passed down their skills down generations and the practice of stone masonry is very much alive today. Immerse yourself in this heritage of Kathmandu by learning how to carve on stone with a master stone crafter.


A small but pleasant garden restaurant. Aside from the nice garden and pond the Garden of Dreams biggest attraction’s being away from the crowds and traffic of Thamel. Located at the end of Tri Devi Marg at the end of Thamel it has an entrance fee of 80 rupees for Nepalese and 200 rupees for Non-Nepali. Here’s a full look at the Garden of Dream which was beautifully designed inspired by the famous Edwardian style. You’ll have several leisurely things to do like you can sit and relax on or read a book


Indoor Wall Climbing has been available in Kathmandu city for years. Adding in some adrenaline and adventure to your travels there have been plenty of indoor rock and wall climbing businesses over the years. When going to make sure to check out all the equipment before using it. Ask if there’s an instructor. Some of the wall climbing centers have strange pricing structures so do confirm everything before signing up.
There are two indoor wall climbing center in Thamel.
1. Astrek Climbing
2. Kathmandu Sport Climbing Center


Narayanhiti Palace Museum is the former royal palace in the centre of the Nepalese capital, Kathmandu, It is the palace which long served as a primary residence for the country’s monarchs. The entire enclosure surrounded by a compound wall, located in the north-central part of Kathmandu, is called the Narayanhiti palace. It was a new palace, in front of the old palace of 1915 vintage, built in 1970 in the form of a contemporary Pagoda. It was built on the occasion of the marriage of King Birenda Bir Bikram Shah, the then heir apparent to the throne.


Ason Bazaar is a ceremonial market and residential square in central Kathmandu. It is one of the mist well-known historical locations in the city and is famed for its bazaar, festival calendar and strategic location. The bazaar attracts shoppers from all over Kathmandu because of the tremendous variety of merchandise sold here, ranging from foodstuff, spices and textiles to electronics, simply this is Hyper Market of Nepal. Ason is also one of the popular tourist spot in city because of its architectural sights and charming ambience. Traditional temples & houses, busy of the people, stone platform, years and years old shops, market are the attractions of Ason.

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