Read about the awe-inspiring journey of Czech mountain bike riders, Tomáš Zejda and Ondřej Novák, as they break records and push the limits by riding their bikes down from the summit of Mera Peak in Nepal. Discover their triumphs, challenges, and the guidance of professional mountaineer Jan Trávníček in this thrilling adventure.

In an audacious display of skill and determination, Tomáš Zejda and Ondřej Novák, two mountain bike riders from the Czech Republic, etched their names in the record books by conquering the heights of Mera Peak in Nepal. Join us as we delve into the exhilarating details of their remarkable journey, filled with adrenaline, breathtaking landscapes, and moments of triumph.

On June 14, 2023, Zejda and Novák embarked on an unprecedented mission—to ride their mountain bikes down from the summit of Mera Peak, towering at an astounding elevation of 6,417 meters (21,198 feet). The sheer audacity of this feat had never been attempted before, making it an extraordinary and daring adventure.

Descending from such heights brought forth a series of heart-pounding moments for the duo. Narrow paths, measuring a mere 30 centimeters in width, tested their nerves and skills to the limit. Novák recalls the overwhelming fear they faced, highlighting the risks they willingly embraced in pursuit of their passion.

Zejda admits that conquering Mera Peak proved to be the most demanding challenge they had ever encountered. Nevertheless, their determination never wavered. Their hearts filled with adrenaline and excitement, driving them forward. The thrill of the descent, the sense of inner peace, and the indescribable emotions that followed left an indelible mark on their souls.

Zejda and Novák were no strangers to harsh conditions, having previously triumphed over Mount Kilimanjaro. However, Mera Peak presented new obstacles—glacial crevasses and the need to carry their bikes for over a hundred meters. These trials tested their physical and mental fortitude, underscoring the magnitude of their achievement.

The 21-day-long expedition was led by professional mountaineer Jan Trávníček. With his extensive experience and meticulous planning, Trávníček ensured the team’s safety and success. Acclimatization to the high altitude and freezing temperatures played a vital role in their journey, mitigating potential risks and allowing them to push their limits.

The awe-inspiring feat accomplished by Tomáš Zejda and Ondřej Novák, descending Mera Peak on their mountain bikes, sets a new standard for adventure enthusiasts worldwide. Their unwavering determination, fearlessness, and relentless pursuit of their passion have rewritten the limits of human potential.

As we celebrate their remarkable achievement, let us be inspired to conquer our own challenges, embrace the unknown, and push the boundaries of what we believe is possible. The tale of these two riders reminds us that with passion, dedication, and the courage to venture into uncharted territories, we can overcome any obstacle that stands in our way.

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