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Nepal is  rich in Cultural and Traditional aspect, which hosts an absolute banquet of 7 UNESCO World Heritage Site, Kathmandu, stunning view of mountains and scenic beauty of nature  with World peace Pagoda, Pokhara and home of the world’s endanger animals and birds, Chitwan.

These three Kathmandu, Pokhara and Chitwan are the triangle travel destination, which indicate the whole Nepal. More than this Barun valley, Langtan valley , Jiri, Gorkha are some interesting place where you can find pleasure gratification.

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  • Sown Man Trekking

    Bhutan for a long time the "Forbidden Kingdom", still limits the number of tourists visiting the country, to protect the cultural heritage and preservation of natural wealth and beauty is still the number one priority of the country. The snowman trek is considered to be the most challenging trek and of the longest duration in Bhutan. The trekking is 21 days long ranging between the altitudes of 3000M to 5000m.

  • Butan Cultural Tour

    This Bhutan Capital cultural tour is a perfect trip for those visitors who have limited time to spend the holiday in Bhutan. It covers the two most popular tourist destinations in Bhutan, namely, Thimphu, the capital city of Bhutan and Paro, Bhutan’s international airport, with a hike to Taktsang monastery. Visiting these two places within a short span of time will give you a good understanding of Bhutan’s rich culture and traditions, marvelous arts and crafts, history, Buddhist religion and life of Bhutanese people.

  • Classic laya Trekking

    The Laya Gasa trek is quite a popular 17 days trek that is rated a medium hard one. It takes you through diverse terrain and mountain villages down to Gasa. The hot springs here are famed for their medicinal properties. For the five days this trek follows the route of the Jhomolhari trek till Lingshi. For the next five days you walk 6-7 hours each day, making numerous ascents and descents with flowers, juniper and medicinal plants.

  • Dhrukpath Trekking

    It is one of the most beautiful and popular trek. The route will lead you through the wilderness of thick alpine and rhododendron forest, crossing several remote lakes. In clear weather, you can see some of the most scenic and breathtaking views of the virgin Himalayas.

  • Kathmandu City Tour

    Kathmandu is the ancient city with the vibrant culture and tradition.Kathmandu is the biggest city and the official capital of Nepal. Kathmandu Valley, which has three other cities called Lalitpur ,Patan and Bhaktapur ,one is the old cities. Kathmandu has a very famous temple that is called Kaasthamandap, which was built in 1567 AD. It is also called Marusthal and is entirely made of wood. It is now rules by the government, but once, it was ruled by the royal house.

    Swayambhunath and Boudhanath are two famous stupas within Kathmandu. It also has a famous Hindu shrine, called Pashupatinath , Krishna Temple ,Five storied Temple. Kathmandu city, throughout the year. The city has a small thickly populated place where you will find monks in abundance. The city has seven most prominent groups of monuments that are rich in culture and heritage, which speak volumes about the city historic past. Durbar Square and Changu Narayan temple are very unique, is also know as the very old Temple in Nepali history.

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